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Fran Bowden A.K.A Tattoo Artist FRAN DRAGON LADY had been tattooing for 36 years and practicing art and drawing for over 50 years. Fran originally moved to Sydney from New Zealand with her parents and began her tattooing career in a then developing tattoo industry in 1978.

“Back then you had to do everything yourself! From mixing your own colours from powders, making your own needle clusters and hand drawing stencils as stencil machines weren’t around then. Coming up with and drawing designs with no help from the internet!”

Fran is an artist that enjoys being able to create a custom design to meet the customers needs and body symmetry.  she also enjoys repairing, re-birthing and covering up existing and old tattoos.

Fran draws, paints and tattoos most subject matters, but her favorite topics include dragons, animals, flowers, sea creatures, oriental style and subtle black and grey designs. Fran also specialises in cover-ups and custom designs.

Dragon Lady Tattoo


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