7 Delicious Destinations for the Best Ice Cream in Hahndorf

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

“I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream.” So goes the famous song line. Ice cream lovers far and wide, Hahndorf is the place to visit this summer for a sweet treat.

Not just for seaside locations, Adelaide Hills Hahndorf does a roaring trade in the sugary icy treat. From vegan and gluten-free varieties to traditional cream laden treats of yore, the selection is endless. So if you’re in the mood to explore, and slurp on a dripping sundae at the same time, take a walking tour and taste Hahndorf in all its ice creamery goodness. Here are seven delicious destinations you’ll love. 

For The Kids

Royal Copenhagen

Nothing beats the smell of freshly cooked waffle cones, and Royal Copenhagen ice creamery have been enticing tempting passers-by in Australia since 1982. The Hahndorf location is conveniently set on the main street and has a sweet 18 flavours to choose from plus a choice of toppings (chocolate nut dip anyone?) Your hardest decision will be between two scoops or three.  

Where: 74 Main Street, Hahndorf 

Beerenberg Farm Shop

The family-favourite strawberry farm has created the ultimate Berryberg Swirl ice cream. With a smooth blend of Golden North Vanilla Ice Cream mixed with their famous farm fresh berries, your sweet tooth will be satisfied in no time. Trust us, the kids will be wanting to go back for seconds. Try one when you visit the Beerenberg Farm this strawberry picking season.

Where: 2106 Mt Barker Road, Hahndorf // beerenberg.com.au


For The Big Kids

Caffiend Coffee Company

Are you a lover of Caffiend Coffee’s blend? If you’re also looking for a sweet fix, you can ask for the best of both worlds: an affogato. It’s not on the menu, but if you ask nicely they’re always willing to please every customer. You can also take home their in-house roasted coffee and recreate the flavour with all the ice cream you’ve brought back from Hahndorf.

Where: 1/6 Mt Barker Road, Hahndorf // Facebook Page 

Image: Chocolate No.5 Facebook Page

Chocolate No. 5

The ultimate indulgent café overflowing with lavish desserts. Chocolate No. 5 have created a range of wicked old-fashioned sundaes with the works: we’re talking piles of vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate fudge sauce, wafers, nuts, and all the chocolate you could wish for. The new salted caramel flavour has proven a huge hit, however the strawberry sundae has maintained the star favourite, showcasing Beerenberg’s freshest strawberries.

Where: 5 Main Street, Hahndorf // chocolateno5.com.au


Vegan and Gluten Free

Ye Olde Ice Creamery

The easy part is to look for the old-style gelato cart parked on the foot path in Hahndorf’s main street. Then you’ll be hard-pressed to decide which flavour to choose. The selection includes gluten-free traditional ice cream, with flavours ranging from Baileys Scorched Almonds or Dark Dutch Chocolate, to White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl or Akbar Mashti. There are also vegan and dairy-free sorbet flavours (made with real fruit) such as Blood Orange, Lisbon Lemon, Coconut and plenty more.

Where: 27 Main Street, Hahndorf // evercream.com.au


Unique Ice Cream Flavours of Hahndorf

Natura’s Artisan Ice Cream

The family-owned ice-creamery has been producing the goods on the main street of Hahndorf since 1999. With over 60 flavours, many being gluten, dairy-free and vegan, you won’t know where to begin. Some of their latest creations include Mango and Sticky Rice, Fig and Almond, and Pistachio with Saffron and Rose Water. The list goes on, incorporating a mix of traditional, Asian and Australian native flavours. Test those taste buds and try something new at Natura’s.

Where: 1/60 Main Street, Hahndorf // naturalicecream.com.au

Image: Kitchen 2C Facebook Page

Kitchen 2C

For those not quite feeling a creamy concoction, this wholesome food cafe stocks a range of locally made Sunshine Ice Blocks - perfect for a lighter frozen option. All organic, vegan, and refined-sugarless, the flavours change fortnightly to compliment the seasons. A best seller is hard to pin down, but a few favourites include Lemonade and Lavender, Chocolate, Avocado and Blood Orange. So why not visit a few times and try all the flavours.

Where: 43b Main Street, Hahndorf // Facebook Page

Taking on the Hahndorf ice cream trail is certainly one way to keep the adults and kids happy during the summer school holidays. However, we’ll let you in on a little secret: ice cream is excellent all year round!