Hahndorf Welcomes Wolf Blass Gallery & Museum

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hahndorf will become home to a new Gallery and Museum development, bringing together more than 60 years of Australian wine history and the life of Wolf Blass

Wolf Blass Discusses the Future Wolf Blass Gallery & Museum

The collection, previously housed at Wolf Blass Wines, was recently released into the care of the Wolf Blass Foundation who support the growth of Australia’s wine industry. The pieces of viticultural and winemaking equipment, as well as artefacts, memorabilia and decorations collected over time, will soon be housed in the new Hahndorf development and on display for the public and those learning the art of fine wine.

This comes alongside plans for a cooperage museum, areas suited for business and education sessions, display spaces for local artists, and an outdoor pavilion. A number of personal items, such as photographs and the first Melbourne Cup Trophy, won by Toryboy in 1865, will also be exhibited. Although we hear the trophy leaving the family home is still up for discussion with wife, Shirley!  

Wolf Blass & Adelaide Hills Winemakers
Pictured: Wolf Blass celebrates the upcoming Wolf Blass Gallery & Museum with a number of Adelaide Hills Winemakers

So, why Hahndorf?

After three years of location scouting, Shirley fell in love with Hahndorf and the connection to Wolf’s German heritage. It was purely through great luck that the couple discovered the former BankSA building was available for lease while driving through the village and they decided to pursue it as the perfect location.

Development of the building is set to be completed within the next year.

Working alongside Wolf and Shirley, is Hahndorf’s Beyond Ink, who also worked on The Manna, The Haus and The Haus Studio Apartments, The Lane, and the restoration of the Hahndorf Academy. John Ashcroft leads the development.

This historic collection was released following the sale of Wolf Blass Wines to Treasury Wine Estates.

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