Hahndorf's 2017 Gift Guide For Kids

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

These days, we're spoilt for choice when it comes to presents for the kids. But this year, we think you should treat your little ones to something extra special... something handmade in Hahndorf. 

Check out some awesome ideas from local traders, below. 

Claire Ishino Print, 
The Hahndorf Academy, Various Prices

The Hahndorf Academy, $40

Hand puppet, 
Hahndorf Puppet Shop, $21

Pashom Pirate, 
Storison, $39

Pull Back Bird, 
Storison, $14

Storytelling Bear, 
Stuff N Bears, $55

Teddy Slippers (baby), 
Stuff N Bears, $28

Toys for all ages can be found in Hahndorf, each with their own unique features that'll no doubt bring a smile to their dials. If you'd like to check out our extensive range of traders, we recommend visiting before Christmas to get those last few names ticked off your list!