World's Largest Hotdog, Most Expensive Cheese, Exclusive Chocolate, and Unique Honey in Hahndorf

Monday, October 28, 2019

A number of Hahndorf experiences are putting the Adelaide Hills village on the map for exclusive, one-of-a-kind food tasting opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. 

Have you done the famous Hahndorf Inn Hotdog Challenge?

What about trying Australia’s most expensive cheese or the sweetest honey?

These are some of the foodie experiences unique to Hahndorf – go ahead and tick them off your bucket list today:

Image via @HahndorfInn on Instagram

Hahndorf Inn’s Giant German Hotdog - $45.50

Okay, so we’ve done our research and we know that a more expensive hotdog came on the Melbourne scene a few years ago and for a little while and it got all the headlines for being the “most expensive” – but it was a once-off and you can’t get it anymore… Which means (drumroll) Hahndorf is definitely home to the longest and (probably) most expensive hotdog in Australia (if not, the world).

At one-metre-long, this hotdog isn’t for the faint-hearted and has a cult following with visitors and locals alike. It features grilled bratwurst sausage in a crusty baguette served with sauerkraut, chips and German mustard. To step it up a level, you can take on the Hahnhdorf Hotdog Challenge – the 1m hotdog PLUS a 1L stein of Bavarian Hahndorf Inn Schloss Lager. The fastest completion time is at just over 11 minutes. Go on, we dare you.


Image via Udder Delights 

Australia’s most expensive blue vein at Udder Delights - $300/kg or a taste for $49.

And trust us – even people who usually wrinkle their nose at traditional blue vein will find this one a delight to eat. Best paired with a sip of port, a slice of pear or in a croissant, we think it also makes the perfect very special occasion gift for the cheese-lover in your life.

Indulge in a taste of Australian cheese making history – Australia’s first Unpasteurised Blue Cheese. Handcrafted by our head cheesemaker and owner Saul Sullivan, right here in the Adelaide Hills providing ideal conditions to create a terroir reflective cheese, a cheese that flourishes with ever greater complexity of several years of maturation

King Saul – the Raw Experience - $49.00
A wedge of our famous King Saul Raw Milk Blue Cheese served with Spanish Tortas & Riverland Muscatels; accompanied by two bottles of sparkling water & two serves of our private cask-aged tawny port.


Image via Hahndorf Hill Winery 

World's most exclusive chocolates at Hahndorf Hill Winery - $25pp for ChocoVino experience.

The ChocoVino experience at Hahndorf Hill Winery matches their boutique wines to the world's most acclaimed chocolate. Michel Cluizel from France, Cuvee, Bahen & Co from Australia, and the very special Daintree Estates.

The ChocoVino experience has been included in CNN's 'Top 10 global adventures for chocoholics', and it also ranks in the 'Top 10 food and wine touring options' of South Australia. Qantas magazine and Gourmet Traveller Wine magazine have also rated ChocoVino as one of Australia's best cellar door experiences.

You can taste superb chocolate from top chocolate houses in Australia and France, which source their cacao beans from prized plantations around the world including home-grown Australian cacao.


Image via Beerenberg Farm

Ligurian Honey (350ML) at Beerenberg farm shop - $34.95

It’s not the most expensive honey in the world (you can get that in Turkey at 5,000 Euros/KG), but we think the SA-grown, Limited Edition Ligurian Honey stocked at the Beerenberg Farm Shop is pretty darn exclusive. The honey is made in the pristine Kangaroo Island, home to the purest strain of Ligurian bees in the world. The honey is cold-extracted and unfiltered – so you can enjoy it in its most natural, crystallised form, free from filtering and heat-treatment like most other products on the market. Only 2,000 were made available, with each one delicately extracted by hand and comes in a beautiful gift box with a Certificate of Authenticity personally signed by both the apiarist and the owner of Beerenberg farm.


Whatever your taste, you’ll find it bigger, better and more flavoursome in Hahndorf, the heart of the Adelaide Hills tourist region. 

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