Joint Chairperson Jason Duffield +61 414 949 288 executive@hahndorfsa.org.au
Joint Chairperson Jordana O'Sullivan +61 400 789 303 executive@hahndorfsa.org.au
Treasurer Trudy Dickson   executive@hahndorfsa.org.au
Secretary Mikyla Gilbert +61 402 107 727 hello@hahndorfsa.org.au
Media Enquiries Mikyla Gilbert +61 402 107 727 media@hahndorfsa.org.au
  Carolyn Cattrall    
  Sebastian Graham    
  Tom Ratcliffe    
  James Butcher    
  Laura Long    

All traders located in the township of Hahndorf are members of the Hahndorf Business and Tourism Association (HB&T), a not for profit incorporated Association. It is our role to provide strong reliable leadership and advocacy on all matters relevant to business and to implement and execute the objective of the HB&T. For information on joining the HB&T, please contact us at executive@hahndorfsa.org.au.

We would like to thank our sponsors and supporters that generously assist the Association. Businesses that wish to join the HB&T but are located outside the township of Hahndorf can do so under an Associate membership. For further information please contact us at executive@hahndorfsa.org.au.