Visitors to the Hahndorf Academy museum, located in Main Street Hahndorf, will soon view the (Australian Children’s Television Foundation) ACTF-supported series Are You Tougher than Your Ancestors? as part of their experience.

Are You Tougher than Your Ancestors? is a living history series that pits the skills of today’s kids against the exploits of extraordinary children from Australia’s past. Fun and fast paced, the series challenges modern kids to walk in the shoes of a child from another era. Throughout each episode, the young participants learn as much about themselves as they do about history… and unearth some unexpected skills in the process!

In the episode ‘Pioneer Living German Style!’, Maeve and Harper follow in the footsteps of 1850s Lutheran refugee Thekla Staude, who resided in Hahndorf village with her family. This episode is highly relevant to the team at Hahndorf Academy as it helps to share the history of Lutheran refugees in the town. Through a display of historical objects and artworks, the German migration museum illustrates what life was like for Hahndorf’s pioneering families.

Visitors to the museum will soon be able to view ‘Pioneer Living German Style!’ as part of their immersive experience.

In this episode…

In 1850, 12-year old Thekla regularly trekked 26 kilometres overnight from her new home in Hahndorf village to market in Adelaide, where her handmade produce was in high demand. With the money she earned she bought essential supplies for her family before walking back home, uphill all the way! In this episode, Harper and Maeve are challenged to make their own sausages, churn butter, bake bread and pack their items safely before completing the long trek to market.

With no transport available, Thekla had to carry all her produce herself, while being careful not to damage anything. So, Maeve and Harper must do the same! To keep their produce cool, the begin their trek at dawn. Following Thekla’s route, they cross creeks and climb hills, carrying their produce in baskets or balanced by the yoke across their shoulders.

Will Harper and Maeve be able to walk the distance and deliver their produce safely to the market? And what about selling their homemade goods once they are there? Will they prove that they are up to the challenge? Will they be tougher than their ancestors?


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