Hahndorf. Handmade, Handcrafted. Handpicked. 2020 is the winner of the Festivals & Events category for the 2021 South Australian Tourism Awards. 

Hahndorf. Handmade, Handcrafted. Handpicked. Proudly presented by The Advertiser and supported by the District Council of Mount Barker, with more than 250 scheduled events, what initially began as a weekend concept to re-open Hahndorf after the devastation of COVID and the 2019 bushfires became a month-long celebration of rejuvenation. And all created, developed and launched in just four months from concept to opening.

Hahndorf, traditionally one of the top five tourist destinations in South Australia (Experience Oz, 2019), is a pleasant 20-minute drive from Adelaide along the South Eastern Freeway. Normally a beacon for international and interstate tourists, the town was experiencing tough times in 2020 due to COVID restrictions and the South Australian lockdown. 

Hahndorf had always enjoyed excellent visitation from international and interstate visitors. When COVID-19 struck and our international borders were closed, that steady stream of visitors dropped to zero. 

The Hahndorf Christmas Festival had been cancelled, the world-famous Oakbank races had been cancelled. There was nothing happening; no incentive for people to make the effort to travel to the region.

The Hahndorf Business and Tourism Association (HB&TA) recognised that something significant was needed to re-establish visitor numbers… this is when Hahndorf. Handmade, Handcrafted. Handpicked. was born.

Hahndorf. Handmade, Handcrafted. Handpicked. not only achieved its initial objective of providing a financial shot in the arm for the town, it also helped reposition Hahndorf. 

The whole concept of this festival is innovative, a brand-new event emerging from devastation. 

The program of 250+ events was successful in highlighting products, services and experiences that had ceased to be top-of-mind. Some events ran once, for example the opening night party for just 49 participants. Others ran 20 or 30 times. 

It is conservatively estimated that $380K was brought into the town over the four weeks. Following the disastrous trading conditions experienced earlier in the year, this provided a lifesaving injection of income into the village.

The Hahndorf. Handmade, Handcrafted. Handpicked. event ran for a second time in September 2021 with another successful program and much needed visitation to the village.

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Festivals & Events category for the 2021 South Australian Tourism Awards is proudly supported by Adelaide Airport and TicSA.


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