Everyone needs a @homeboy.

The collaboration of @thieles_shop and @thepaintboxhahndorf has turned Tom Oswald’s dream, into a reality at the age of just 18. Thiele’s Shop is a creative venue that supports young artists and emerging businesses to test themselves on the market in a real brick-and-mortar. The venue holds ‘pop-ups’ to keep the place exciting and ever-changing.

It is a collaborative venue that allows more than one business to operate in the same space, often simultaneously, with art classes, florists, bakers, and more. With more businesses operating in the space, they actually subsidise the cost for each other, as agreed upon by the landlord.  Tom can solely focus on what’s important for the business – creating amazing products, improving customer experiences, and putting out as much content as possible.

The nature of the pop-up means that Homeboy might not be around in Hahndorf forever, but allows a foot in the door and opens up so many opportunities that never would’ve been possible without it.

Tom is open from Wednesday to Sunday serving delicious coffee’s, and incredible pastries that are made in store. Make sure you checkout everything that Tom’s up to by giving him a visit, and following him on Instagram.





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