Mother’s Day in Hahndorf

Mother’s Day in Handorf

As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s time to celebrate the remarkable women in our lives.

If you haven’t bought the motherly figure in your life a gift yet fear not, as a quick trip to Hahndorf presents you with many options – or better yet, take your loved one on a day trip to the town itself! Hahndorf offers a plethora of delightful stores where you can find the perfect gift for Mum.

Here’s a quick guide to some of the great gift stores in Hahndorf perfect for Mother’s Day – of course there are plenty more we couldn’t fit in this guide, so be sure to check them out here!


Begin your shopping excursion at Storison, a beloved store known for its range of high quality gifts and homewares. With art, clothes, books & more you’ll be sure to find something for your Mum at Storison!

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Walden’s General Store

One for the more eclectic tastes, Walden’s General Store is a gorgeous American mid-west themed store, with gifts ranging from queen sized wool blankets to leatherbound journals. If the Motherly figure in yourself has adventurous taste, then Walden’s General Store is worth a visit!

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Jack + Sarah

Fashion and Homewares. Need we say more? Jack + Sarah is a trendy store that showcases a  collection of contemporary apparel, accessories, and lifestyle products. Treat your mum to a cozy  scarf, a statement piece of jewelry or an ever popular Frank Green Water bottle!

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Hahndorf Leathersmith

Hahndorf Leathersmith has a fantastic reputation and for good reason. From beautifully crafted handbags and wallets to durable belts and accessories, this unique store offers an impressive selection of leather goods that are built to last. Treat your mom to a timeless leather accessory that isn’t available anywhere else!

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3 Wishes Candleshop

Indulge your mum’s senses with a visit to 3 Wishes Candleshop, where you’ll find an enticing array of handcrafted candles and aromatic delights.

From fragrant candles and luxurious bath products, this charming shop offers a wealth of options for creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere at home. Choose a selection of soothing scents help your mom unwind and rejuvenate!

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There are so many stores in Hahndorf with the perfect Mother’s Day presents that will provide the perfect personal touch. Even better than taking a guess, treat your Mum to a day out in Hahndorf and let her pick for herself from one of our many artisan store fronts!

Wishing everyone a happy Mother’s Day in 2024.


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