Spanish Restaurant in Hahndorf: Exploring Comida

Nestled towards the city end of Hahndorf’s busy main street, Comida is a hidden gem that entices with the promise of authentic Spanish flavours. Comida boasts plenty of character as you step through its doors, and is a culinary experience that transports you on a unique journey through Spain.



The interior is vibrant, with plenty of colour. Artwork lines the walls, adding to the character of the Spanish restaurant. A large bar and window into the kitchen create an inviting atmosphere that complement the stunning food and excellent service that awaits. Comida boasts a beautiful garden where they cultivate their own herbs, adding a fresh and local touch to their dishes – It’s the perfect place to sit for a meal during the warm summer months.

A restaurant full of character.

Food & Drink

Comida offers a diverse range of Spanish foods, from breakfast through to dinner. For breakfast, staff recommend indulging in the Spanish Tortilla – potato, onion, avocado and aioli on rye bread. To accompany, Comida have you covered with fantastic coffee, iced coffee, milkshakes & tea! For lunch and dinner, Comida offers both à la carte and set menu options. The must-try tapas style menu includes the delectable Croquetas with charred broccoli and cheddar, Boquerones with white anchovies, cherry tomatoes and pickles on garlic rye and the stand out favourite, Paella de Comida: chicken, chorizo, eggplant, cauliflower, sofrito, peas, lemon & herbs. Delicious! Don’t forget to order a side of the heavenly Patatas Bravas too! Ready for desert? Why not try the popular Spanish doughnut churros, which is coated in cinnamon sugar and paired with a dipping chocolate sauce. They also have a kids menu, so nobody misses out!

If you like to wet your whistle while you eat, Comida has a fantastic selection of beverages too. For beers, you can go for a South Australian brew (such as Mismatch or Coopers), but we recommend trying out the Estrella Spanish Lager to really immerse yourself in the Spanish experience. Comida of course has a diverse selection of wines, with local product from Hahndorf Hill, as well as international product from, you guessed it, Spain! Hahndorf is also represented in spirit by their addition of Ambleside Distillery for gin & cocktails. The inclusion of local Hahndorf produce is fantastic, but you absolutely must try their traditional Spanish Sangria.

Comida has earned a stellar 4.5-star rating on Google, the result of consistently exceptional experiences.  The service is excellent; staff are both friendly and helpful.

Comida’s beautiful garden is the perfect place for a meal!

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Venue details: Comida Hahndorf

 100C Mount Barker Rd, Hahndorf.

Monday 9 am–3 pm

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday 9 am–3 pm

Thursday 9 am–9 pm

Friday 9 am–9 pm

Saturday 9 am–9 pm

Sunday 9 am–4 pm


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