It’s the first winter for these Hahndorf businesses!

Explore Hahndorf’s Newest Gems This Winter!

Winter in Hahndorf is a magical time, and there’s no shortage of new and exciting places to explore. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, here are some of the newest spots in town that are quickly becoming favourites.


Ernest Delicatessen

Hahndorf’s newest and only delicatessen has quickly become a favorite among locals and travelers alike. Located right in the middle of the main street, it’s the perfect spot for an easy lunch with its array of delicious ‘sangas’ (sandwiches) and fantastic coffee.

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Vine & Essen

A trendy new restaurant that opened its doors late last year, Vine & Essen is located next to the Hahndorf Inn. With its beautiful interior featuring colourful murals and fantastic design, this spot is a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. Their menu offers a range of meals perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and they also have wine tastings – what more could you want?

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Heidi’s Yoghurt

Just down from Vine & Essen, Heidi’s Yoghurt is the place to satisfy your frozen yoghurt cravings. It’s the only frozen yoghurt spot in Hahndorf, and they encourage creativity with a variety of toppings to choose from. Don’t let the cold weather stop you from enjoying a tasty fro-yo!

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Outback Opals by Justin Lang

This opal store, situated next to the Haus, has already caused quite the buzz among locals and tourists. Outback Opals by Justin Lang not only features a gorgeous retail space but also hosts a one-of-a-kind opal museum. The owner, Justin Lang, is featured on the Discovery Show ‘Outback Opal Hunters,’ so you can be sure he knows a lot about opals!

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Drift’n SA

Just across from the Post Office, Drift’n SA offers timeless, contemporary fashion for both men and women – ‘fashion that takes you places’! The store is filled with colorful clothing, including plenty of warm options perfect for the chilly winter season.

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A couple of doors down from Drift’n SA, Pot has quickly established itself as a main street favorite with its fantastic service, coffee, tea, pastries, bread, and sandwiches. It’s everything you need to keep warm in Hahndorf this winter season.

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Opal & Gemstone Studio

Located where the chemist used to be, this state-of-the-art opal studio offers a wide array of gems – not just opals, but almost every gem and stone you can think of. The studio also serves as a workshop where you might catch the owner, Matt, working on gemstones.

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So there you have it! Don’t let the cold dissuade you – come down and check out these amazing new spots in Hahndorf this winter!

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