Which Hahndorf restuarants are open on Australia Day 2024?

January 26th is fast appraoching, meaning there is a public holiday on the way. If you’re planning on visiting Hahndorf but are unsure on who’s open for breakfast lunch or dinner, fear not, for we have the answers below!*

*This list is subject to change; for the most accurate information, please visit the establishments’ website and/or social media to get in contact.

We strongly recommend booking in before the day to ensure you get a table!


Ambleside Distillers: Open from 12pm.

Visit https://amblesidedistillers.com/ to book in a tasty gin tasting!


Ernest Delicatessen: Open from 7:30am.

Rock up on the day for Hahndorf’s newest sandwich spot!



Pot: Open from 8am.

Rock up on the day for some awesome coffee!



The German Arms: Open from 10am.

Visit https://www.germanarmshotel.com.au/ for traditional German meals and beer!



Comida: Open from 9am.

Visit https://comidahahndorf.com.au/ to book your Spanish fix in!



Geppettos: Open from 5pm.

Visit https://www.gepettosathahndorf.com.au/index.html for an unforgettable dinner!



The German Inn: Open from 7am.

Visit http://germaninn.com.au/ to book for great coffee and traditional German food!



The German Spoon: Open from 9am.

Visit https://www.germanspoon.com.au/index.html to book for classic German meals and beer!



The Haus: Open from 8am

Visit https://haushahndorf.com.au/ to book for both German and contemporary cuisine, and a huge beverage list!



The Old Mill: Open from 9:30am.

Visit https://hahndorfoldmill.com.au/ to book for great steaks and pool tables!



Somerled: Open from 11am.

Visit https://somerled.com.au/ to book in a stunning wine tasting with nibbles!



Vine and Essen: Open from 8:30am.

Visit https://www.vineandessen.com.au/ to book for mouthwatering modern cuisine with a wine menu to pair!



The Plough: Open from 8:00am

Call (08) 7280 0321 to book for fantastic baked goods and of course, Guinness!



The Hahndorf Inn: Open from 10:30am.

Visit https://www.hahndorfinn.com/ to book in for traditional German beers and cuisine!



Herbee’s Garden Cafe: Open from 8am.

Call (08) 8388 7929 to book in for cafe classics and great coffee!



Il Mulino: Open from 11am.

Call (08) 8481 0810 for your fix of traditional Italian cuisine!



German Cake Shop: Open from 8am.

Call (08) 8388 7086 to book in for stunning German cakes and pastries!



Adelaide Hills Wine Bar: Closed.

Visit https://ahwinebar.com.au/ to find their regular opening hours!


Same but Different Cafe: Closed.

Call 0487 615 212 to get your cafe fix another time!


Kaffeehaus: Closed.

Call (08) 8388 7521 to get your stunning coffee and baked goods another time!



Sidewood Estate: Closed.

Visit https://sidewood.com.au/restaurant/ to visit another time!


Remember, there’s more to Hahndorf than just great hospitality venues – we have plenty of cozy cafes and stunning storefronts open during this period too!

Located only 25 minutes from the Adelaide CBD, Hahndorf is the perfect place to visit this Australia Day and get away from the city.

We’ll see you soon!


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